Massage Therapy: A Stress Reliever?

For decades, massage has been touted as a method of stress relief, but unless you`ve experienced the benefits of a good massage yourself, you might be skeptical. After all, a decent massage can put a bit of a hole in your wallet, so is it really worth it? Will you really be relaxed and calm after some bodywork?
The answer depends on the masseuse. There are some people who can turn a massage into something uncomfortable and utterly useless, but in the hands of an experienced masseuse, you`ll find that the benefits are many.
What Is Massage?
Very simply put, massage therapy is when the masseuse manipulates the tissues, muscles and tendons in someone.
This is usually done using the hands and fingers, but there are assorted methods of massage that involve everything from special tools to actually using feet and elbows to maneuver the recipient`s body.
There are several reasons that your muscles need to be stretched and massaged . . . the main one being that with tension and stress, they tend to shorten and knot up, often causing pain. Tense muscles are the most common cause of headaches, so easing them out can help with recurring headaches, as well as other common issues.
How Massage Benefits You
Each style of massage is designed to create a different effect. Some are more strenuous than others, such as Thai massage, which involves stretching and plenty of participation by the person receiving the massage. Others, including hot stone massage, tend to be more passive and focus more on breathing and relaxation. Only you can decide which type is best for you. A good massage can help with Fibromyalgia

Massage therapy in general, however, is something that can reduce stress and ease the tension that the muscles are holding. Multiple studies have been done on the benefits of this type of therapy and it has been proven that the simple power of touch is very beneficial.
Here are just a few of the amazing benefits of massage therapy:
- Strengthens the immune system
- Increases range of motion
- Eases the pain of sports injuries
- Mental relaxation
- Physical relaxation
- Stress reduction
- Less anxiety
- Lowers blood pressure

A good massage can help with Post pregnancy low back pain
The effects of massage therapy are many because the treatment involves more than just rubbing the muscles. Physical touch tends to relax people and the rhythmic motion of a massage encourages the body and mind to calm and let go of the anxiety and stress that has built up. This is part of the reason a massage session needs to last so long . . . an hour or more is the usual length needed to truly relieve stress and to give you the break from problems needed to refresh the body and mind.
Manipulating, stretching and pressing muscles helps to release hormones like dopamine and serotonin, which affect your mood. It`s much more difficult to feel stressed out and anxious when you`re happy! This is the main reason people enjoy massages so much, though the actual physical contact with another human being also has a huge impact on how you feel. We underestimate our need to be touched, but it can be a very powerful thing. A good massage can help with Frozen Shoulder treatment

Does massage therapy really work for stress? Yes, it does. If you haven`t experienced this yet, then it might be time to book a good massage. Keep in mind that not every masseuse is going to be a good one, so talk to friends, get recommendations and then try it out for yourself. You`ll be pleasantly surprised at how relaxing it is to have someone work on you with expert bodywork techniques.

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The Source and Cure For Back Pain

Nearly every person will have back pain at a certain phase of his life. It can get in the way with one’s capacity in times of work and leisure. It is truly hard to deal with.

So, what constitutes back pain? This physical burden is prompted by strain of the ligaments, muscles, and discs that uphold the spine. If the pain lasts for more than three months, it is essential to go to a licensed specialist for healing of unceasing low back pain.

The prevalence of back pain may be be slow or sudden. The rapid onset of back pain is caused by a physical disturbance, generally due to injury during sports activities, car accidents, and the like. Gradual or slow onset of back pain can be acquired from constant lifting of heavy things or other comparable motions.

The treatment of chronic back pain can vary in many ways, depending on its severity or duration. If the twinging is dealt with at an early stage, you may be liberated from spending much money on surgery. Generally, non-steroidal analgesics and moments of bed rest can cure back pain. Appropriate exercise is expected especially for people with skeletal problems as it can aid in giving muscle strength at the back and other parts of the body. Good work-outs consist of gentle aerobics, walking, swimming, and a little of strength training.

Another brilliant cure for chronic back pain is physical therapy which typically includes spinal manipulation, biofeedback, ultrasound, and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, all of which should only be done by licensed professionals. It is also vital for the specialists to inculcate in the patient the proper body posture and normal physical movements. In this way, recurrent back pain, which is caused by wrong body mechanics, can be avoided.

As much as possible, do not ignore the beginning of back pain. Early management is always better than prolonging the torture. Nonetheless, prevention is still best.

Visit our website for more information on back pain hornchurch and sports injuries hornchurch .

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Losing Weight With Dieting

If you’ve ever watched “The Biggest Loser” on TV, then you know what it takes for some of America’s most overweight people require weight loss to shed pounds, from decreased calorie consumption, four servings of fruits and veggies, three servings of lean protein, two servings of whole grains, one “extra” serving of fat and a healthy dose of exercise.

This plan promises to help participants lose weight, lower cholesterol, decrease blood pressure, improve muscle/bone strength and give them more energy. For $5/week, you can become a member and gain access to recipes, meal plans, a food journal, personalized fitness suggestions and support networks. Here are a few of the popular approaches to weight loss to consider.

For people who are severely overweight, it sometimes takes a special weight loss program to keep them disciplined and motivated. After all, when you’re used to living a certain way your whole life, the switch to fewer calories and a more varied diet, without the fat, can be overwhelming.

One of these popular plans is the Weight Watchers program, which is $20 to join and costs about $9/week. The diet nutrition plan emphasizes strict calorie control, flexibility in food choices, exercise and a positive attitude. Proponents of Weight Watchers attend group meetings and weigh-ins and are not mandated to buy prepackaged food.

Instead, they learn about what choices they can make based on a “points system,” as outlined in the Weight Watchers manual. Some critics say the points system does not necessarily lead to healthy eating, but the diet has fared well in clinical studies. Additionally, because it is cost-effective and flexible, participants are more likely to stick with it.

Atkins is another one of the dietary weight loss programs you’ve probably heard about. Perhaps your neighbor dropped twenty pounds on it or a woman at the bookstore looked over your shoulder and recommended Dr. Atkins’ “New Diet Revolution.”

healthy diet
What doesn’t sound good about gorging on steak with B

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Overweight People Should Visit Chiropractor in San Clemente

If there is one thing that obese and overweight individuals are familiar with, it is joint pains. It seems that when people are carrying excess pounds for a long period of time, their bones, cartilage and joints are susceptible to advanced wearing and tearing. I have been overweight all my life, so I have been experiencing joint and bone problems for years. My weight has breached the 185-pound mark; the problem is I am only standing at 5′2″. Despite my being aware that having excess pounds is detrimental to my health, I never have taken steps to reduce my weight. Then there came a time when I became concerned about my health, this was when I started to feel lower back pains which, in turn, compelled me to visit a chiropractor in Orange County. I turned to the Internet to search for the best chiropractor in San Clemente and I learned that Seaside Family Chiropractic was indeed one of the most visited. Chiropractor in Orange County

Still, I was hesitant when I first came to Seaside Family Chiropractic. Back when I lived in Boston a couple of years ago, or even here, I have never tried a chiropractor in Orange County. I changed my mind when I read about what to expect in a chiropractic clinic, thanks to the info posted on Seaside Family Chiropractic’s website. I was surprised that the doctor did not charge me anything during my first visit; apparently I qualified for the clinics special offer which is on for a limited time only. It was really a surprise for me because, after all, I never knew the procedures that will be done to me and I always imagined that the pain I was feeling will disappear after half an hour. As a matter of fact, I always believed that a chiropractor is no different from a massage therapist.

You can just imagine my bewilderment when I first visited Seaside Family Chiropractic. The place was professional looking and there were x-ray machines and other modern devices used by the chiropractor in Orange County to diagnose and determine health conditions and the underlying reasons why a person feels pain. On top of being very accommodating and friendly, Dr. Wayne Greathouse also took great effort to explain to me the procedures he will use to improve my condition and for me to have long term corrective care. Again, I was surprised about this thoroughness regarding my health tests as performed by my chiropractor. What I learned, after my X-ray and other tests, is that I was experiencing low back pain because of my poor posture and excess weight. Then, I was also very thankful that relieving my lower back pain is not the only goal for my doctor at Seaside Family Chiropractic. Apparently, my chiropractor wants to ensure that my lower back pain is gone for good and not just during my visits.

I was required to visit the Seaside Family Chiropractic for the next three weeks, and after that my back pain was totally gone, for good. Now, Dr. Greathouse is helping me lose weight and align my spine. He developed a program for me to help me lose weight and become more attentive to my nutrition. If you are looking for a chiropractor in Orange County, I suggest you visit this website first and see if you can avail yourself of free consultation and a half hour massage. Chiropractic in Orange County

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Irvine Chiropractics - Get Rid Of Chronic Pain Any Longer

The reasons why people seek out an Irvine chiropractic clinic will vary, but the care that they will receive will be outstanding. The professionals of the area are highly skilled at treating everything from the common headache to a stiff neck that just won’t loosen up.

Irvine chiropractors specialize in many different methods of treatments and therapies, but they focus most of their energy on treating the lower extremities, neck, and lumbar region of the back. They also give care to the musculature and joints of the human body.

The chiropractic professionals will treat you using such methods as physical therapy, dietary modification, and muscular heat therapy. All of which will help in improving your overall well being.

Several different conditions and illnesses can be treated by chiropractic therapy including sports injuries, joint problems, and chronic back pain. People who have received this type of care have found a great deal of relief from their symptoms.

Finding a good chiropractor

Anyone who has had to take pain medications repeatedly can find what they need from seeking out the help of a chiropractor. Irvine offers a wide variety of chiropractic options for anyone who needs alleviation from painful symptoms. It is easy to find a good doctor as long as you take care in choosing and understand what you need to look for. There are many factors that should weight into your decision.

References: In most communities, news about the services of a quality professional spreads like a wildfire. When trying to choose the right doctor ask friends and family about the person you are considering. It is likely that you will find out a lot in this manner. Some of the questions that you might want to ask are about how friendly the office staff is and how well the care was.

Go for a meeting: Once you have filtered your options it would be wise to make an initial appointment with them. Chiropractic care is a hands on type of treatment and you won’t want to get care from someone that you don’t feel relaxed around. While in the office you should also take note of how clean it is. How well kept an office is says a lot about the physician who works there.

Types of treatment: Make sure that you find out about what treatments are implemented in each clinic you visit. Although this particular field of medicine has basic treatments that are used, there are still some variations between the doctors.

Fees and insurance: One of the most important things that you will need to find out is what it will cost you and if your insurance is accepted. The clinic should be able to provide you with some sort of baseline price list for each of their procedures.

You don’t have to get stressed by finding the perfect Irvine Chiropractics. By following the guidelines above, you will be able to find the right one for you quickly and easily. Ask them about Shoulder Pain.

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Kids Can Find Remedies to Spinal Problems At Chiropractic Care Orange County

Ever since we transferred to Orange County, my husband and I have been regularly visiting San Clemente chiropractic clinic, Seaside Family Chiropractic. Although we really do not have pain problems, Joe and I believe that the proper alignment of the spine is very important in improving the function of the nervous system and also in helping prevent future problems. I am really very happy that my husband and I are a regular at the clinic. The clinic offers wellness care program for patients and it is really a good way to prevent any health problems from happening in the future. Aside from the massages and therapy, Seaside Family Chiropractic also helps you maintain your weight to an ideal level. As for me, I lost the excess weight that I have been carrying for the past 10 years with help from Dr. Greathouse and his staff at his Orange County chiropractic clinic.Chiropractic Care Orange County

I can only tell my friends about the improved health that I am feeling right now which I experienced only at the Seaside Family Chiropractic. Many of my friends are now regulars at this San Clemente chiropractic clinic and they are thanking me for referring the place to them. In fact, Mary (one of our closest neighbors in Orange County) was really happy that the back pains experienced by his husband Jesse have been improving tremendously. However, what surprised me was that Jesse and Mary also brought their 10 year old Sam to Dr. Greathouse’s clinic. It never occurred to me that a chiropractor can help in improving a child’s well being. Come to think of it, children would not need chiropractic services because they do not normally have joint pains and sprains, but I was wrong.

So, you may want to know what Sam got from visiting this San Clemente chiropractic. I learned that even kids sometimes need the help of people like Dr. Greathouse. You see, kids are a very active lot, so they can be prone to spine problems like dislocation and misalignment. Since kids can easily recover from minor spine problems, these conditions can be hard to detect. Even if this ache or misalignment is minor, it can grow worse overtime. Spine nerves can be affected if so, your kid can suffer from back and joint pains. Our neighbor’s son Sam is not suffering from any back or spinal problems, so his sessions at the clinic are for the enhancement of his immune system and for wellness care.

Right after I learned that Seaside Family Chiropractic also helps children, I brought along my son Mark to this San Clemente chiropractic to have his back checked. Needless to say, my 12 year old son was angry at first, after all, he did not have any problems with his back. However, after checkup and consultation, Dr. Greathouse has told me about Mark’s minor spine nerve problem. So, I was really happy that we learned about Mark’s back problems before it became complicated.Chiropractor in Orange County

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Preventing Illness With Healthy Diet

Looking back in the census records, you may have noticed that many people died by age 50 and infant mortality rates were high. You may have also heard that today’s average life expectancy is 75 for men and 80 for women. Healthy eating, exercise and the benefits of abstaining from smoking are widely proclaimed, now more than ever.

Yet, as of 2007, 17% of people under 65 lacked any kind of health insurance coverage and 15% admitted to having no primary physician at all.

healthy living
As the saying goes, “garbage in, garbage out.” Eating the right foods is the most important step toward healthy eating. Yet this simple matter of choice can also be one of the most difficult lifestyle modifications as well.

Fats, salts and sugars are just so tasty and so convenient, they can be hard to resist! However, just about every healthy eating plan runs off the same principles. Eat more fruits, more vegetables, more fiber and more lean protein. Eat less saturated fat, less sodium, fewer carbohydrates and fewer calories.

When you dine out, try to avoid fried foods and ask for soup or salad instead. You may want to ask for a box so you can set half of your portion aside for later. You don’t have to give up your favorite foods, but you do have to eat them in moderation. There are a number of websites that offer healthy recipes and diet fitness calculators to help you get started eating your way to disease prevention.

The key to developing a healthy living fitness plan is finding something you like that you can stick to. It’s a rare person who truly loves getting up at five in-the-morning and running five miles to start the day. Most of us are consumed with working and errand running, so we make excuses and forget to set aside time for ourselves.

For some people, joining an aerobics class, cycling, karate, yoga or calisthenics/weights, can motivate them to go every week, stay for the allotted time and push themselves to work out harder.

For other people, a new hobby like rollerblading, swimming at the Y, walking the dog with a friend, golfing, learning tennis or playing on a softball team can be a great way to stay active. If you can’t weave structured exercise like aerobics or sports into your schedule, then you can also burn off calories by riding a stationary bike or walking on a treadmill while you read or watch TV, by taking the stairs instead of the elevators, by walking instead of driving around the corner and by walking for fifteen minutes at a time throughout the day.

Stress management is an essential component of healthy living, as research shows stress can take years off our lives and can lead to weight gain, depression, hypertension, high blood pressure and heart attacks.

Stress is part of your normal physiological reaction to threat, which triggers a sudden release of hormones in what is called the “fight or flight response.” To keep anxiety at bay, try making lists and prioritizing your tasks, while outsourcing tasks to others to make your load lighter.

diet fitness
Strive for a balance of work, family and personal time. Know when it’s time to take a break because your stress levels are jeopardizing your health. Be sure you are practicing healthy eating, exercising and getting at least seven hours of sleep each night. Devise strategies to help you cope with stress, such as deep breathing, muscle relaxation techniques, yoga, tai-chi, meditation, massage, music, reading or hypnosis.

If you’re smoking as a result of “stress,” then you may need hypnotherapy, counseling or a stress management program to assist you.

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Designing An Ergonomically Correct Workstation Recommendations by Chiropractors

Is Your Computer Set Up Ergonomically Correct?

Over half of the children in our nation have a computer at home or uses a computer at school and that’s great because it provides access of information at our hands.

One of the most important things about children using the computer that is often overlooked is that the desk and computer must be set up ergonomically correct. Recently, Cornell University researchers discovered that 40% of the elementary school children they studied were using computer workstations that increased their risk of developing repetitive motion injuries such as chronic pain in hands, the back, neck and shoulders and the infamous carpal tunnel syndrome. The remainder of the students used the workstations in a way that could potentially lead to an increased risk as well.

Children and adults of all ages must be taught hot to set up a proper ergonomically designed computer workstation. If the computer workstation is too big or too small, the amount of time spent at that computer workstation in body positions that aren’t ergonomically correct will start to have deleterious physical effects on that child. Those effects can last a lifetime.

Over the years, chiropractors have become very aware of the problems related to computers, especially when many parents purchased Nintendo’s for their children. What happened was that the children would sit on the floor and extend their neck upward and play the game for hours and hours. They developed neck pain and chiropractic physicians across the nation began seeing thousands of children with the coined term, ‘Nintendo Neck’.

The children did start to recover quickly after they received Chiropractic care and after they changed the way they sat while playing the game. Now we’re seeing that the computer workstations are a big cause of neck and back problems in young children.

Chiropractic physicians recommend that parents and children follow specific guidelines to prevent injury that can last a lifetime. The guidelines are listed below.

  • Check the child’s position in the chair. The general rule is that two inches should be between the front edge of the seat and the back of the knees. The chair the child sits on should have arm supports; you’ll want a 70 to 135 degree angle between his elbows and the computer keyboard. His knees should be at an angle of 90 to 120 degrees. You can place his feet on a box stool to achieve this angle.
  • Make sure that the computer monitor is positioned with the top of the screen at or below eye level of the child. You don’t want the child to either look downward or look upward at the screen for long periods of time because this will create fatigue in the muscles that are holding the neck in that specific position. This will result in muscle imbalance.
  • Remind your child that frequent breaks are not the exception but the rule. On breaks, stretches of the back, hands, and fingers are required at least once every 30 minutes.
  • To prevent carpal tunnel syndrome, the position of the wrists are crucial. They should be in a neutral position while typing. If they’re angled up or down, adjust the chair height so this is remedied. Keep the mouse close to the keyboard so no extra reaching is done.

Computer ergonomics makes a big difference in how safe your computer workstation really is for your child. Following these guidelines can save your child back and neck pain for the rest of his life.

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If You Have Back Pain, Go to Chiropractic Treatment in Orange County California

Back pains can increase if you continue to avoid exercise. The latest research shows otherwise.Costa Mesa Chiropractor

Researchers found that there is a positive response to exercise. By “regular”, they meant exercising at least four days a week.

“While it could be assumed that someone with back pain should not be exercising frequently, our findings show that working with weights four days a week provides the greatest amount of pain relief and quality of life,” according to Robert Kell, lead author of the study and an assistant professor of exercise physiology at the said university.

The college of sports and medicine were graced at the recent conference. This is a new way to treat the age old problem.

There were 240, volunteers made up of men and women. They were divided into four groups of 60. A different work out plan was given to each group for the next week. The fourth group was instructed to not work out.

Researchers finished the study after 16 weeks and the group who did more exercise have had less back pain. The quality of life improved for those who went to the gym four days a week.

“The level of pain decreased by 28 percent in programs that included exercise four days a week, by 18 percent three days a week and by 14 percent two days a week. The quality of life, defined as general physical and mental well-being, rose by 28 percent, 22 percent and 16 percent respectively,” reported

According to chiropractors in Orange County, about 80 percent of Americans suffer from back pain. This has made life unbearable and miserable for many people.

If anyone knows how these people feel it is the Great Life Chiropractic Wellness in Costa Mesa and Dr. Candice McCowin. Her search for a permanent cure for back pain led her to become a Pettibon doctor – one of a select few chiropractors in Orange County who specialize in this unique treatment.

Using the “corrective care” or Pettibon System, McCowin can now help patients suffering from head, neck, shoulder and body pain and relieve their misery permanently. This is outstanding news for these individuals with back pain, stiffness and problems.Chiropractic Care in Orange County

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